JMC Creations Inc. is a leading supplier of screen printing products in the market.  

JMC Creations Inc.'s established in 2005 and has become a well-known supplier in the field of silk screen printing materials industry for well over 7 years.

JMC Creations Inc.  has been successfully grown for last 7 years with customers satisfaction at the offices Los Angeles, USA, Guatemala, Honduras, El Savador by having all the customers get same kinds of printing materials whenever they need.

JMC Creations Inc. goal is to provide every customer with the best products in time whenever needed and has strong eager to serve to let the clients do more and sooner production with best qualities.

JMC Creations Inc.’s sale representatives and staffs are well trained and professionals of the screen printing industry.  We are thinking this is extremely important in today’s market to help our customers with world class service and support.