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DESCRIPTION: JM-25 PALLET ADHESIVE Screen Printers’ Adhesive is specifically designed as a pressure sensitive pallet adhesive that does not stain, offers quick tack, has low soak-in and will not wrinkle fine materials. JM-25 remains pressure-sensitive for an extended period of time. It is excellent for making short-term bonds and releasing from the garment.


COLOR: Water White

BASE: Synthetic resins and styrene butadiene copolymer mixture


BONDING TIME: 15 minutes to several hours, depending on substrates

ODOR: None when dry

FLAMMABILITY: Nonflammable

SHELF LIFE: Six months from date of shipment in a properly sealed container

APPLICATION, USES AND SUGGESTIONS: Because JM-25 is a water-based product, the user will find that a 10 to 15 minute tack time is advisable in order for it to “set” or dry to a tack. For MANUAL PRINTERS allow about 10 minutes lead time for spraying before starting to print. For AUTOMATICS, spray during shift changes and cycle the entire press before loading shirts or flash the adhesive for quick evaporation. This adhesive is an excellent product for use with “all over” belt printers. Brush, spray, roll or squeegee the adhesive to the entire belt before printing. It has been shown to work on all pallet and belt substrates. The user will find that JM-25 can be rejuvenated by applying a small, additional quantity for more tack. As with all products of this type, testing on your application for product stability is recommended. When used as directed, JM-25 should out last conventional solvent-based adhesives while being a user-friendly product to handle and apply.