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JM-20 is a 3% solids medium viscosity silicone. It leaves a colorless, tenacious dry film when applied and is recommended for difficult release applications (rubber molding) as well as a lubricant for rubber or applications where high friction may be encountered. Although flammable when being applied, once the solvents evaporate the remaining silicone lubricant film is essentially nonflammable.

Applications: JM-20 is a universal silicone lubricant and release agent and is V.O.C. compliant. Fast evaporating, reduces friction, prevents sticking, economical.

Use on rubber gaskets and o-rings.

Container Size: 20 Fluid Ounce Can

Product Description: Silicone Release Agent & Lubricant

Net Weight: 13.5 Ounces

Cans Per Case: 12

Case Dimensions – Inches: 11.75” L X 8.75” W X 10.5” H

Case Weight: 14.4 Pounds

Cases Per Pallet: 72

Appearance: Colorless Non-staining Liquid

Odor: Mint like when wet / Odorless when dry

Solvent System: Hexane/Acetone

Propellant: Hydrocarbon

Heat Resistance: -40˚F - 500˚F

Solids: 3%

Spray Pattern: Dry Conical Mist

VOC%: 58.0

VOC Compliant for CA & OTC: Yes

NSF Registered: No

Aerosol Flammability Level: Level 3 Aerosols

Warranty Period: One Year from date of shipment

DOT Proper Shipping Name: Consumer Commodity ORM-D for domestic ground shipment. (See MSDS for additional shipping information)